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DELABIE keeps you updated

Welcome to DELABIE’s online media information. Here you can find press releases relating to our news and our products.

  • The DELABIE Group

    The DELABIE Group

    View the DELABIE Group’s company details.

  • TEMPOMIX 3 recessed basin and shower control

    TEMPOMIX 3 recessed basin and shower control

    The TEMPOMIX 3 is equipped with a new, 100% waterproof, housing box.
    This innovative system adapts to multiple installation types and configurations up to a depth of 120mm. Maintenance is made easy. With its soft-touch operation and and refined design it is suitable for all types of buildings that receive the public.

  • Self-supporting TEMPOFIX 3 frame system

    Self-supporting TEMPOFIX 3 frame system

    The new TEMPOFIX 3 is the best answer to issues faced in commercial washrooms: able to withstand intensive use and vandalism, it can be installed behind a thick wall or partition. With the TEMPOFIX 3 frame system supplied pre-mounted, installation is quick and easy.

  • TEMPOMATIC 4 recessed urinal

    TEMPOMATIC 4 recessed urinal

    The TEMPOMATIC 4 recessed electronic urinal valve provides the best compromise between water consumption and efficient rinsing. It features an innovative waterproof system patented by DELABIE. This new design combines design and functionality: the electronics are integrated directly behind the wall plate.

  • Paper towel dispenser

    Paper towel dispenser

    The design of the new DELABIE paper towel dispenser offers unique single towel distribution system, preventing involuntary waste of paper. Made from bright polished bacteriostatic 304 stainless steel, it is easy to clean and enables maximum hygiene in commercial places.

  • Mixers with retracting handspray

    Mixers with retracting handspray

    The new generation of DELABIE mixers with retracting hand sprays has been completely redesigned and is now available in mechanical, pressure-balancing and thermostatic versions for enhanced safety and improved comfort.



    The new SECURITHERM thermostatic shower mixer H9769 responds perfectly to the needs of residents in healthcare facilities in terms of safety, hygiene and comfort. Its unique design makes it impossible for any cross flow between the Hot and Cold Water, considerably reducing the risk of bacterial proliferation.