EASY-D ceramic urinal pack

Ref. 133888
With TEMPOSOFT 2 angled urinal valve
EASY-D ceramic urinal pack



EASY-D ceramic urinal pack

Ref. 133888
This EASY-D ceramic urinal pack contains:
- A ceramic rimless urinal which complies with European standard EN 13407 (CE marked): recessed or exposed waste outlet, with concealed trap; weight: 11.5kg;
- A TEMPOSOFT 2 exposed time flow urinal valve for angled inlets: soft-touch operation, time flow ~3 seconds, flow rate pre-set at 0.15 L/sec. at 3 bar, can be adjusted, chrome-plated solid brass body;
- Chrome-plated neck tube with water nozzle;
- Waste and trap;
- Fixing elements kit;
- An installation guide.

4 reasons to choose DELABIE's EASY-D urinal packs:
- Packs are designed for public and commercial places
- Complete "All-in-one" packs
- Urinal valves are 100% DELABIE
- Hygienic packs



Pack composed of robust products

Maintenance aisée - Installation aisée

Quick to install and simple to adjust

Nettoyage aisé

Fewer bacterial niches = Easy to clean



EASY-D ceramic urinal pack

Ref. 133888
Height 751mm
Length 350mm
Width 280mm
Finish Ceramic
Warranty Garantie 10 ans



EASY-D ceramic urinal pack

Ref. 133888

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