S21 P floor-standing WC pan

Ref. 110300
Polished satin 304 stainless steel
S21 P floor-standing WC pan



S21 P floor-standing WC pan

Ref. 110300
Floor-standing WC pan, 360 x 400 x 580mm.
Elegant and simple design.
Bacteriostatic 304 stainless steel.
Polished satin finish.
Stainless steel thickness: 1.5mm.
One-piece pressed WC bowl, seam-free for easy maintenance and better hygiene.
WC bowl surface is polished with rounded edges for easy cleaning.
Concealed perimetral flushing rim.
Horizontal water inlet: Ø 55mm.
Horizontal waste outlet: Ø 100mm. Supplied with PVC pipe.
Water saving: works with 4L or more of water.
Pre-drilled holes for fixing the toilet seat. Supplied with stainless steel blanking caps when installed without toilet seat lid.
Quick and easy to install: 2 access panels with theft prevention TORX security screws.
CE marked. Complies with European standard EN 997 for 4L flush.
Weight: 14kg.
10-year warranty.

[Formerly ref: 0110020001]


Nettoyage aisé

Bacteriostatic 304 stainless steel

Hygiène - Anti-bactérien - BIOSAFE

Polished bowl surface


Elegant and simple design



S21 P floor-standing WC pan

Ref. 110300
Height 400mm
Length 580mm
Width 360mm
Thickness 1.5mm
Finish 304 polished satin stainless steel
Certificates Logo CE
Warranty Garantie 10 ans




Ref. 110300

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