SECURITHERM shower panel

Ref. 792403
Electronic battery-operated thermostatic
SECURITHERM shower panel



SECURITHERM shower panel

Ref. 792403
SECURITHERM electronic thermostatic shower panel :
Large model stainless steel panel for wall-mounted, exposed installation.
With top inlet via in-line stopcocks, M1/2".
SECURITHERM thermostatic mixer.
Adjustable temperature control from cold water up to 38°C with 1st limiter set at 38°C and 2nd limiter set at 41°C.
Anti-scalding failsafe: automatic shut-off if cold water fails.
Anti-cold showers function: automatic shut-off if hot water fails.
Thermal shocks are possible.
Battery-operated with 223 6V Lithium battery.
Shower starts when hand is 4cm from the infrared sensor.
Shuts off on demand or automatically after ~60 seconds.
Duty flush (~60 seconds every 24 hours after the last use).
Flow rate set at 6 lpm at 3 bar.
Chrome-plated, tamperproof, scale-resistant ROUND shower head with automatic flow rate regulation.
Concealed fixings.
Filters and non-return valves.
Suitable for people with reduced mobility.
10-year warranty.


Sans contact manuel

Total hygiene: operate without manual contact

Rinçage périodique

Automatic flush anti-bacterial proliferation

Confort - Ergonomie - Déclenchement souple

Thermostatic temperature regulation

Sécurité anti-brûlure

Instant shut-off if cold water fails



SECURITHERM shower panel

Ref. 792403
Supply 6V battery
Connector M1/2"
Technology Electronic
Height 1220mm
Depth 100mm
Width 250mm
Flow rate 6 lpm
Temperature limiter Thermostatic
Finish Stainless steel
Warranty Garantie 10 ans



SECURITHERM shower panel

Ref. 792403

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