Humanitarian aid

DELABIE, water for life

DELABIE, water for life

DELABIE, water for life

In 2005 DELABIE, conscious of the need for better water management, decided to redistribute a portion of its profits on an annual basis. Through the DELABIE foundation, the company finances projects which provide access to safe drinking water for the poorest and most isolated populations.   

Corporate social responsibility has grown through sport or culture. However, the DELABIE foundation has chosen to provide access to water, which over three billion people worldwide still do not have. Without access to drinking water, life is very challenging.

Of the many projects that are submitted to the foundation, DELABIE favours rural micro-projects whose sustainability is clearly identified. The company also finances many boreholes, wells and the installation of sanitation blocks, mostly in Africa.

A lifelong commitment to health and hygiene for all is DELABIE’s fundamental principle.

An example of some installations since 2005:


  • Diendie: 3 bore holes for water towers and feeder canals (1,000 villagers)
  • Almeritene: water storage tank, pump for a school and medical centre
  • Kellele: 100m bore hole
  • Kidal: bore hole for a Touareg school
  • Marat: village wells for building a school


  • Mahaboboka and Benenitra: 1 well and 1 storage tank 50m³
  • Mananjary: 2 toilet blocks and public showers
  • Nosy Varika: 2 water storage tanks and pumps for a school
  • Fotadrevo: 1 storage tank and 2 pumps


  • Issegh-Seghan: rural wells for 300 villagers
  • Balambouk: rural wells for villagers, nomads and livestock
  • Azamalan Takaya: village wells for 500 villagers
  • Tewar Abardek: rural wells for 600 villagers

Cameroon - Togo - Central African Republic

  • Soa: wells and a water tower for a medical centre
  • Dapaong and Mandouri: 2 village wells
  • Bossangoa: wells for a school