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4-in-1 mirror cabinet – Beauty in efficiency

March 2024

DELABIE is revolutionising public spaces with its 4-in-1 mirror cabinet: a perfect fusion of aesthetics and functionality. Offering a mirror, soap dispenser, tap and hand dryer, all sensor activated, for impeccable hygiene.

DELABIE: warranty extended to 30 years and repairability to 50 years

January 2024

Warranty extended from 10 to 30 years, spare parts available for 50 years: Eco-responsibility in public washrooms is achievable!

BLACK MAGIC Collection: public washrooms are going black

December 2023

Electronic water controls, washbasins, urinals, WCs, hygienic accessories and matte black grab bars.
In public places, DELABIE is weaving an essential link between design, architecture and functionality.

How to clean stainless steel

December 2023

Stainless steel is easy to maintain and is incredibly durable over the long term. It's the ideal material for any commercial building and healthcare facilities.

Discover our tips for cleaning and refurbishing stainless steel so that your DELABIE products remain in perfect condition throughout their lifespan.

Design for all - Be-Line® Grab bars and shower seats

December 2023

What if "design" was available to everyone? Really for everyone.
Starting with those people with reduced mobility that require additional support. The Be-Line® range of grab bars, shower seats and accessories is the perfect example.

Hygiene and safety: which water controls should be adopted by healthcare facilities?

July 2022

The fight against bacterial proliferation is a continual challenge for healthcare facilities.
What technical solutions should be adopted in water distribution systems to control hygiene effectively?

Stop bacteria! How can water be mixed safely?

August 2022

The fight against bacterial proliferation in the water distribution system is a constant challenge for public buildings.
What technical solutions should they adopt to ensure effective hygiene control in the system?

Which anti-bacterial treatment for my grab bars?

February 2022

Grab bars installed in toilets and showers must, by definition, have the most hygienic characteristics possible. More and more grab bars for people with reduced mobility are being presented as anti-bacterial.
What is the reality about anti-bacterial treatments? Is it a sustainable solution?

Washrooms, the new domain for well-being

June 2021

Feeling "at home" in public washrooms.

How to meet the specific requirements of public places by prioritising aesthetics and user comfort?

TEMPOMATIC 4 - non-contact electronic basin mixer and tap

March 2021

The TEMPOMATIC 4 electronic basin mixer has been specifically designed for public buildings:
100% hygiene, 90% water savings, installation and maintenance are simple, the complete package when it comes to technology.

The advantages of Sequential control

November 2020

In healthcare facilities, it is essential to choose the right mixers and taps to ensure that they are suitable for any type of user. Besides safety and hygiene, ergonomics is also a key element in the design of a mixer.
How do the sequential mixers developed by DELABIE meet these needs?

Why choose a pressure-balancing mixer?

November 2020

Choosing the right mixer for healthcare facilities is essential - contributing to patient safety, preventing nosocomial infections and overall comfort.
How does pressure-balancing technology (EP) meet these needs?

Hand hygiene: which products to choose?

May 2020

Which products should you choose for effective hand washing and disinfection?
In public washrooms, the large number of users increases the risk of spreading contamination. During this pandemic, correct hand washing is the first line of defence and is essential to protect yourself.

WC direct flush system, a public revolution

May 2020

Not suitable for intensive use, WCs with cisterns were designed for domestic use and are a source of recurring problems in public buildings. Susceptible to scale build-up, and noisy, they encourage the proliferation of bacteria and pose a permanent risk of leaks when used in public and commercial environments.

Eco-consumption, the new challenge for washrooms?

September 2019

Increased awareness about controlling consumption is gradually leading the population as a whole to adopt eco-responsible actions.
In the light of these new ecological and economic challenges, companies are now playing an increasingly active role, even more so when their products can impact directly on energy or water consumption.

Innovative installation - thinking inside the box

September 2019

Aesthetic, ergonomic and hygienic, recessed installation is becoming more universally available in public and commercial places.
DELABIE's new recessed housing is waterproof, modular and versatile. It facilitates and secures the installation of equipment for washbasins, showers, urinals or WCs.

Accessibility: towards a more design-led approach

July 2019

The "design for all" trend is erasing the boundaries between sanitary spaces dedicated to people with reduced mobility (PRM) and a person in the street's bathroom.

Do public and commercial washrooms need specific hygienic accessories?

September 2018

Toilet brushes, coat hooks, mirrors, toilet paper dispensers... Are these hygienic accessories, which are found in the home, suitable for buildings that are open to the public?

NF MM: what does the French revolution in healthcare controls mean?

May 2018

The introduction of this new French regulation for medical environments, means signifcant changes in the design of mechanical, thermostatic and electronic mixers. What are the changes that have been made? Why? And what can we learn?


July 2017

In public places, washrooms must be able to withstand intensive and often heavy-handed use. 
Primarily designed to be robust and easy to maintain, sanitary furniture has evolved, gradually integrating an element that is becoming more and more important: aesthetics.

Be-Line® grab bars and shower seats

July 2017

The DELABIE Group, expert in accessibility, has increased its range of grab bars and shower seats with its new design range Be-Line®.
Combining aesthetics and comfort, it offers hygiene, safety and a feeling of well-being to users - the elderly, people with reduced mobility or disabled people.

DELABIE Shower seats: a complete range

May 2017

The quality and comfort associated with DELABIE's shower seats provide safety and well-being in the bathroom. Wall-mounted, lift-up, fold-away, hanging, fixed or removable shower seats: there is a DELABIE shower seat to meet every requirement.

Direct flush: designed to solve the problems faced by public places

March 2017

The many advantages of direct flush make it the ideal system for buildings open to the public. Here is a reminder of its advantages which are still not widely known.

Hygiene for water systems: all eyes are on the European regulations

October 2016

France, Germany and the United Kingdom each has their own specific regulatory requirements for monitoring bacteria in water systems, and each has their own response to contamination by Legionella and Pseudomonas. DELABIE offers a range of products that are compatible with these regulations.

A hygiene revolution and a multi-award winning design!

October 2016

The new SECURITHERM EP BIOSAFE 2621EP mixer is the first mixer with no spout to meet all the issues faced by healthcare patients and care home residents: comfort, total safety, hygiene and infection control.

The potential appeal of stainless steel sanitary ware

November 2015

With the launch of its stainless steel range, DELABIE’s intention is not only to continue to develop the secure sector market, the traditional outlet for this robust and hygienic material, but also to enter the world of interior design and assert itself designing high-end equipment.

Microfiltration in public buildings

June 2015

An essential element, especially for hygiene, water can become a vehicle for infection if its quality is not guaranteed. Controlling its quality has become a major and constant concern for public buildings.

Microfiltration in hospitals

June 2015

Controlling the bacteriological quality of water is a major and constant concern for healthcare facilities. Anti-bacterial micro filters at the point-of-use guarantee maximum safety, especially for the most vulnerable people.

Direct flush: designed for public places

June 2014

The many benefits of direct flush make it the ideal system for toilets facing high levels of demand in public places. We review its evolution and its advantages.

Stainless steel ware, the new DELABIE range

November 2013

DELABIE has consolidated its position as European leader in sanitary ware and water controls for commercial environments.

Facing up to a european ageing population

February 2014

Many buildings are still not accessible to all. In the domain of sanitary facilities, the equipment offering has to meet regulatory requirements of those countries with legislation, as well as the needs of an ageing population.

Legionellosis: prevention is better than cure

June 2013

The methods of eliminating Legionella in healthcare facilities are ineffective in the long term. Monitoring and implementing preventative tools provide the best solution for protecting hot water systems against the risk of contamination by Legionella.

Armed against nosocomial infections

June 2013

Controlling bacterial growth by monitoring water quality is essential to reduce nosocomial infections. Pseudomonas aeruginosa has become the focus of attention. Specially designed mixers and taps are essential to limit the spread of these pathogens in the healthcare sector.

The limit of ECO accreditations

April 2013

In Europe, various schemes are being developed to demonstrate the quality and sustainability of water controls. The commercial water controls industry must ensure that an industry specific labelling system is put in place to highlights these attributes.