Specification Support

Find tools for specification: reminder of sanitary techniques, water savings calculator…

This information is designed for specialised professionals operating in the sector, capable of interpreting them in relation to their specific requirements. The reader accepts that their use of this information, is entirely their own responsibility, and that DELABIE is not responsible for any consequences resulting from their use of this data.

Water savings calculator

Make a personalised water savings calculation.

General rules for sanitary installations

Sanitary installations must comply with local and national water supply regulations (Water Supply Regulations, Scottish Bylaws, NF P 41-205, REEF, DTU 60-11…) bylaws and plumbing regulations.

Calculation criteria for water supply pipes

For correct installations, the supply pipes must be chosen whilst taking into account a number of different factors.

Recommendations for sizing horizontal final pipework

To simplify your work, here are DELABIE's recommendations for diameters.