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DELABIE, unique solutions

Today DELABIE is an international group well known for its ability to meet the needs of public and commercial places.

DELABIE’s products, which deliver water savings and provide tangible solutions in terms of hygiene, accessibility, safety and vandal resistance, are renowned for their reliability and endurance.

Water Controls for Public and Commercial Places

Water savings, Ergonomics and comfort, Safety, Vandal-resistant, Hygiene…

Water controls for Hospitals

Anti-bacterial, Safety, Ergonomic, Water savings…

Accessibility and Independence - Hygienic Accessories

Hygiene, Easy to clean, Safety, Endurance...

Stainless steel sanitary ware

Design in public places, Resistance to vandalism, Maximum hygiene, Easy to install and maintain, Environmentally friendly, Packaged with care, 100% tested, A complete range

Specialist Water Controls

Water controls for professional catering ; Safety controls