Our CSR policy

DELABIE's CSR commitment: products that respect the environment

DELABIE: environmentally friendly products

Unique, economical, ecological and intelligent solutions

During every phase of a product's design, production, distribution and operational life, it's environmental impact is taken into account.

DELABIE: recycled and recyclable raw materials

Carefully selected sustainable materials

DELABIE uses various recycled and recyclable raw materials to manufacture its products, sourced from local suppliers as close as possible to the production facility. 

DELABIE's commitment

Commitments regarding materials and people

Eco-responsibility is a genuine commitment for DELABIE. The company has put in place various measures to limit its impact on the environment. We are very proud to have achieved the EcoVadis Silver medal for Corporate Social Responsibility.

DELABIE: environmental accreditation

Building and product certification

With the population boom and significant economic growth experienced in recent years, living standards have risen. This increase is accompanied by an explosion in the use of water, which is mostly potable water. Water consumption has therefore become a major issue.

DELABIE: water for life

A commitment to life, health and hygiene for all

DELABIE devotes part of its profits to financing projects designed to provide access to drinking water for the poorest populations, through its humanitarian aid.