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Modern temples of consumerism, they are dedicated to window shopping and the gods of purchase.                                                  Malls, spread across all of Southeast Asia, are also the main places for leisure activities and encounters outside of their homes.

The Park Sawangan


Impressively huge, they compete over innovations and architectural daring to beguile and entertain the thousands of visitors there for international brands, traditional stores and a great variety of eateries.


The mall, The Park Sawangan  – located in the city of Depok, to the south of the Indonesian capital and megacity of Jakarta – is no exception to the rule.

Spread over a surface area of 52,000m2, this state-of-the-art retail paradise is the city's new beating heart. The clean-lined, semi-circular building stands out for its openwork façade whose ornamentation evokes the Islamic-world's mashrabiya through which light filters in.

Inside, its elegant ivory oval atrium is warmed up with light wood panels. Its many balconies and balustrades on every floor are inspired by the smooth curves of Art Deco, like on a luxury 1930s cruise ship.

One highlight of the visit is the restrooms, a genuine design experience! To such an extent that they have soon become a staple of Instagram for selfie addicts.

With its numerous international stores and national designers, its vast food hub with cuisine from across the globe, and its five movie theaters, it is ready to become THE meeting place for this city of 2.5 million inhabitants.

Interview with Andaru Pramudito, Architect Manager for the firm PT. Nirvana Wastu Pratama

How is The Park Sawangan reinventing lifestyle in the region?

Andaru Pramudito: Even more than in Europe, shopping malls are a genuine destination with an enchanting experience for thousands of visitors in Asia. People come not only to buy products, but for entertainment and enjoyment. The Park Sawangan was designed as a high-end lifestyle destination, a place where it is pleasant to stroll and to enjoy life, and where welcoming members of the public is a priority at every moment during their visit – parking, restrooms, outdoor green spaces, etc.


In what way is this new-generation mall innovative in terms of architecture, technology, ecology and flow management across its 52,000m2?

A. P.: Today, and especially with the world health crisis, "contactless" is the watchword. We have developed all of our innovations with this in mind and integrated it into every point of contact: flow management, welcome, payment, restrooms, etc. 


Is it important to reinvent the restroom experience in public places today?

A. P.: The mall's restrooms are gems of interior decoration and technology, so much so that they often feature on Instagram! We are very proud of them and they give added value to the mall.

DELABIE products installed

DELABIE products installed:

BINOPTIC  wall-mounted electronic basin tap - reference 379ENC
Jumbo toilet paper dispensers - references 2901 & 2909
Recessed combi hand dryer and paper towel dispenser - reference 510716S


Photo credits : PT Nirvana Wastu Pratama, Austindo