Hasselt - Jaspers-Eyers & Partners, UAU Collectiv, Michel Janssen


Hasselt City Hall


Hasselt’s new, decidedly modern city hall, nicknamed “‘T scheep” (the ship) by its inhabitants, offers a fresh view of the city thanks to its sloping façade sheathed in glass.

An ingenious fusion of old and new, the European Property Awards winner in the heart of the city offers an original experience, and has been awarded the BREEAM certificate of excellence.

Ship shape


This 18,000m2 building is the result of a collaboration between Jaspers-Eyers & Partners, UAU Collectiv and Michel Janssen (Architectenbureau).

The reflective surface of the slanted cladding overlooks the old police station providing a unique, constantly moving spectacle depending on the time of day. On the inside, a breath-taking panoramic view of the city sets the tone for the offices.On the outside, the base of the building is clad in bronze while the interior is mostly wood and felt. The key words here are warmth and intimacy. In the same esthetic vein, the solar panels and geothermal installation ensure the building is almost totally autonomous when it comes to energy consumption.

Hotel de ville T Scheep

DELABIE products installed:

TEMPOMATIC 4 electronic basin mixers- references 490006 and 490100
BINOPTIC electronic basin mixers - references 388015 and 388MCHLH
SECURITHERM electronic thermostatic shower panel - reference 792314


Photo credits: Jaspers-Eyers Architects, Philippe van Gelooven