Lille, World Design Capital 2020


World cities and queen of the north


Following in the footsteps of Mexico City, Taipei and Helsinki, it’s Lille’s time to shine as the proud northern city was crowned World Design Capital for 2020, snatching the prize from Sydney’s grasp.

When you use the word design in relation to cities it reverts to its original meaning in English which encompasses the conception, planning and delivery of a project.

Beyond the tangible and esthetic challenges, the Metropolis should be seen not only as an ambitious urban architectural project, but also as an opportunity to improve the daily lives of its inhabitants: a delicate balance between economic  development, sustainability and a new architectural legacy.


Photo credit: Jonathan Alexandre

MEL headquarters - Henning Larsen + KeurK Architectures

Lille (France)

The offices of the European Metropolis of Lille have their new home in the coveted Biotope, a gigantic 30,000m², seven-story complex.
Interview with SØren Øllgaard - Henning Larsen Agency

Louvre-Lens Museum - Sanaa Agency

Lens (France)

A sumptuous glass palace surrounded by green spaces  and wide-open skies, the Louvre-Lens opened its doors to the public in December 2012, adding a new dimension to the cultural landscape of the Nord-Pas-de-Calais region.

Lille Education Authroity - SCAU agency + Relief Architecture

Lille (France)

The architecture of the new Lille Education Authority building is highly symbolic, embodying the educational process.
Our eyes are drawn to its base on the Piazza, from where they travel upwards to its summit with its immense roof garden which opens out onto the world. 
Lille, global city.

CMA - Agence Kaan + Pranlas-Descours

Lille (France)

Transparency, minimalism, simple volumes.
The huge glass façade of Lille's chamber of trade and craft brings new life to an abandoned industrial area.