Paris - Renzo Piano Building Workshop


Windows on Justice


The numbers at the Palace of Justice in Paris are head spinning.

62 000m2 of usable space.
160m tall; 38 stories spread over 3 superimposed levels, decreasing in size.

The second tallest occupied building in Paris after the Montparnasse Tower.
5 650m2 of roof gardens;  90 courtrooms... A colossus designed by a virtuoso!

Justice goes green


Aged over 80, Renzo Piano, 1998 Pritzker prizewinner,  co-architect with Richard Rogers of the Pompidou Center, has delivered his latest masterpiece in the Batignolles district in north-western Paris. 

An immense glass tower where light is shed — in the true sense of the term — on ongoing cases!

Indeed, light is the main focus in most of the spaces: offices, courtrooms, meeting rooms and public galleries. Light presides like a judge over the vast hall, seen entirely from the outside through a crystal clear glass façade. 

While the human angle was one of the project's priorities, the environment was also given a key role: the building, designed to be sustainable, notably uses natural ventilation, has solar panels integrated into its façade and collects rainwater.

DELABIE products installed

DELABIE products installed:

TEMPOMATIC MIX 2 electronic basin mixer - reference 494000
Frame system for TEMPOFLUX 2 cistern-less WCs - references 578305DE & 578222
Satin stainless steel ligature-resistant coat hooks - reference 510104S
Satin stainless steel grab bar - reference 5050S
and other accessory ranges.


Photo credits : DELABIE, Renzo Piano Building Workshop