Single hole mixer - 100 lpm

Ref. 5612
Mixer with high flow rate for plunge sinks
Single hole mixer - 100 lpm



Single hole mixer - 100 lpm

Ref. 5612
Deck-mounted single hole mixer for professional catering.
Single hole mixer with extension for installation on a stove top.
Mixer for plunge sinks with swivelling, tubular spout H. 650mm L. 300mm.
Star-shaped, brass flow straightener.
Water-free guided valve heads with reinforced mechanisms.
Shock-resistant, ergonomic ball levers.
Flow rate 100 lpm at 3 bar.
Full flow rate within half a turn.
Spout with smooth interior.
Chrome-plated brass body and spout.
Soldered copper pipe water inlets.
Suitable for intensive use in professional kitchens.
Reinforced fixings.
30-year warranty.


Remplissage rapide

Rapid fill: flow rate 100 lpm at 3 bar

Endurance - Fiabilité

Shockproof control levers for intensive use


Brass body and spout suitable for intensive use

Hygiène - Anti-bactérien - BIOSAFE

Maximum hygiene: spout with smooth interior



Single hole mixer - 100 lpm

Ref. 5612
Height 715mm
Drop height 650mm
Spout length 300mm
Flow rate 100 lpm
Finish Chrome-plated brass
Certificates ACS Logo PZH
Warranty 30-Year



Single hole mixer - 100 lpm

Ref. 5612

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Spare parts


Single hole mixer - 100 lpm

Ref. 5612
1. 963300245G
Tubular swivelling spout
2. P295AA85
Valve head 1/2 left turn
3. P296AA85
Valve head 1/2 right turn