Electronic sink mixer

Ref. 20164T4
Single hole infrared tall mixer with swivelling spout
Electronic sink mixer



Electronic sink mixer

Ref. 20164T4
Deck-mounted electronic sink mixer.
Electronic mixer with high, swivelling spout H. 305mm L. 250mm.
Independent IP65 electronic control unit.
Mains supply with 230/12V transformer.
Body and spout with smooth interiors (reduces bacterial development).
Adjustable duty flush, pre-set flush for approximately 60 seconds every 24 hours after the last use, to prevent stagnation in the water supply if the system is not used for prolonged periods.
Flow rate limited to 9 lpm at 3 bar.
Shock-resistant infrared presence detection sensor.
Chrome-plated solid brass body and spout with reinforced fixing via 2 stainless steel rods.
Hygiene lever L. 100mm controls temperature.
Supplied with PEX flexibles with and M3/8" solenoid valves.
Anti-blocking security.
Solenoid valves are upstream of the mixing chamber.
Single hole mixer ideal for healthcare facilities, retirement and care homes, hospitals and clinics.
Suitable for people with with reduced mobility.
30-year warranty.

Two shut-off options:
- standard mode: timed flow with automatic shut-off;
- ON/OFF mode - user shuts off flow voluntarily or automatic shut-off after 30 minutes.
Thermal shocks are possible.
Position the sensor on the side of the mixer in the ON/OFF mode.


Rinçage périodique

Automatic anti-bacterial proliferation duty flush

Sans contact manuel

No manual contact: infrared sensor

Corps à intérieur lisse

Hygiene: smooth interior reduces bacteria

Economie d'eau

Water saving: split delivery



Electronic sink mixer

Ref. 20164T4
Connector M3/8"
Technology Electronic mixer
Height 420mm
Drop height 305mm
Spout length 250mm
Flow rate 9 lpm
Finish Chrome-plated brass
Certificates ACS Logo CE DVGW-CERT SINTEF Logo PZH
Warranty 30-Year



Electronic sink mixer

Ref. 20164T4

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Spare parts


Electronic sink mixer

Ref. 20164T4
1. N201AG75
Ø40mm sequential ceramic cartridge
2. 753256
Replacement O-ring joints
3. 921024.2P
Star-shaped flow straightener
4. CEL378V
5. 256P
Fixing plate
6. 495445BC
Electronic control unit
7. 2510SES
Locking kit
F3/8" PEX flexible hoses
9. 495612
Solenoid valve


20464T4 Battery-op. - Swivelling spout cannot be removed H. 305mm L. 250mm
20870T3 Mains supply - removable stainless steel spout H. 185mm L. 300mm
20871T3 Mains supply - removable disposable spout H. 185mm L. 300mm
Hand hygiene: which sink mixer to choose?
Hand hygiene: which sink mixer to choose?