PREMIX SECURITY Group thermostatic mixing valve

Ref. 731052
For circulating loops 44°-58°C
PREMIX SECURITY Group thermostatic mixing valve



PREMIX SECURITY Group thermostatic mixing valve

Ref. 731052
Group thermostatic mixing valve for hot water circulating loops adjustable from 44°C to 58°C:
Anti-scalding safety.
Regulates temperature variations.
Non-return valves and filters accessible from the exterior without having to remove the mechanism.
Thermal cartridge with no specific lever needed (push-button on the control knob).
Interchangeable cartridge with thermostatic cell.
High-resistance chrome-plated brass body.
Maximum hot water temperature: 85°C.
Differential hot water / mixed water: 15°C mini.
Pressure differences at the entrance: 1 bar maximum (0.5 bar recommended).
Minimum pressure / maximum: 1 to 10 bar (1 to 5 bar recommended).
Left hand side hot water inlet (red ring) and right hand side cold water inlet (blue ring).
Mixed water outlet at the top (purple ring) for bottom outlet: unscrew / place lid at the top and outlet connector at the bottom.
15% energy savings: optimised heat loss (comparison between a circulating loop at 55°C and a non-circulating system at 70°C).
Safety and prolongation of system life span (Hot water > 65°C leads to premature aging within the system).
Maximum temperature limiter, can be adjusted by the installer.
Reduced risk of scalding by limiting temperature at the point-of-use.
55 lpm - M¾".
10-year warranty.


Sécurité anti-brûlure

Automatic shut-off if cold water fails

Confort - Ergonomie - Déclenchement souple

Temperature stability

Maintenance aisée - Installation aisée

Accessible filters and non-return valves

Endurance - Fiabilité

Automotive thermo-reactive cell



PREMIX SECURITY Group thermostatic mixing valve

Ref. 731052
Connector M¾"
Technology Thermostatic
Height 60mm
Depth 18mm
Length 120mm
Flow rate 55 lpm
Certificates ACS Logo Belgaqua Logo PZH
Warranty Garantie 10 ans



PREMIX SECURITY Group thermostatic mixing valve

Ref. 731052

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