Be-Line® grab bars and shower seats

July 2017

The DELABIE group, expert in accessibility, has extended its range of grab bars and shower seats with its new Be-Line® design range.
Combining aesthetics and comfort, it offers hygiene, safety and well-being to users - the elderly, people with reduced mobility and disabled people.

Design, comfort, well-being

Design, comfort, well-being

DELABIE's Be-Line® range combines aesthetics and comfort.

The innovative design of the Be-Line® grab bars and shower seats eliminates the medical and sometimes stigmatising aspects of accessible washrooms, leaving only a feeling of well-being, free from any complex, both at home and in the wider environment.

The Be-Line® range transcends generations and is suitable for every life stage, regardless of age or level of independence, which makes the shared use of sanitary spaces more agreeable for everyone.

The Be-Line® range of grab bars and seats with its clean lines naturally integrates into its environment.

The grab bars, positioned as close as possible to the wall, aid movement and transfers within the sanitary facility (i.e. shower or toilet, etc.), providing greater freedom of movement and an enhanced feeling of comfort.

The rounded form of the Be-Line® grab bars, with an ergonomic flat front face that perfectly matches the shape of the hand, prevents the hand from rotating and offers greater safety to the user, regardless of the destination or the user.

Maximum hygiene

Maximum hygiene

The smooth, uniform surface of the aluminium grab bars is quick and easy to clean, ideal for meeting hygiene requirements.

Particular attention has been paid to the design of the Be-Line® range to reduce the number of joins and seams.
This reduces the build-up of dirt and niches where bacteria can develop, particularly on the straight sections which have the most frequent contact with hands.

Maximum safety

As with all of DELABIE's Accessibility products, the Be-Line® range benefits from the safety package: 30-year warranty, CE mark and tested to over 200kg.
In public and commercial places, the user weight is unknown. The products installed must therefore be able to support any user.