WC direct flush system, a public revolution

May 2020

Public toilets

Not suitable for intensive use, WCs with cisterns were designed for domestic use and are a source of recurring problems in public buildings.
Susceptible to scale build-up, and noisy, they encourage the proliferation of bacteria and pose a permanent risk of leaks when used in public and commercial environments.

Nowadays, sustainable consumption, user comfort and reduced spending have become the new watchwords in public and commercial places. It is, therefore, fundamental to offer customers technologies which will meet these new challenges. 

Public places: the age of convenience

Public places: the age of convenience

Public buildings, both commercial and in the service sector, face certain challenges when it comes to providing the right equipment to ensure user comfort over a long period of time, as well as reducing energy costs.

Fully watertight and designed for intensive use, the direct flush WC is the only installation dedicated to public buildings.

Since there is no cistern, the direct flush WC system avoids water stagnation as well as the build up of scale or impurities in the installation. It is, therefore, much more hygienic than WCs with a cistern, preventing the risk of bacterial development, and ensuring complete comfort for the user thanks to its highly effective flush. 

It connects directly to the water system, so there is no refill time, and the flush can be activated without having to wait for the cistern to fill. Perfect for successive uses, the direct flush WC also has a very short rinse time - just 7 seconds. No more expense or noise pollution!

Maximum hygiene at a minimum price

Maximum hygiene at a minimum price

Conventional WCs with cisterns are regularly installed in public and commercial places because the initial investment can seem lower, however this soon proves to be a false economy. 
The multiple advantages of the direct flush WC system - improved hygiene, water savings, reduced maintenance and simple servicing - very quickly make the product more economical. 

Developed specifically for use in public buildings, and compliant with the new environmental regulations, the WC valve with direct flush system provides the best combination of quality/durability/price for this type of environment.

Green consumption: no more leaky loos

Aware that new consumption trends linked to eco-responsibility issues have a major impact on public places, such as the service sector, DELABIE has designed a range of direct flush WC valves which allow water consumption to be optimised and which are also eligible for the highest levels of ecological accreditation such as BREEAM, LEED and HQE.

By removing the need for a cistern - the primary source of leaks in WCs - direct flush also reduces the waste of cold water.

WC flush valve

Eco-desirable TEMPOFLUX 3 by DELABIE

Perfectly in tune with current thinking, more design-led, less noisy, more hygienic and, above all, better suited to intensive use, the TEMPOFLUX 3 direct flush WC valve is essential for public washrooms.

Function and design have never been so well managed as with DELABIE. TEMPOFLUX 3 combines practicality with aesthetics: high quality finishes, noble materials, various styles and textures, all responding to the service sector paradigm.

The design is stylish to better conceal the innovation!
The anti-blocking system prevents misuse and day-to-day wastage, and soft-touch operation ensures user comfort, even during busy periods. 
Incredibly compact, the direct flush system requires very little space - which makes it the perfect asset when designing a space-saving building - easily installed in new build as well as refurbishment projects.