Which anti-bacterial treatment for my grab bars?

February 2022

Grab bars installed in disabled toilets or showers for people with reduced mobility must, by definition, have the most hygienic characteristics possible.
When it comes to commercial washrooms, such as restaurants, motorway service stations or even a hospital, hygiene is all the more important due to the number of users and the resulting risk of contagion. 

In the sanitary ware market, more and more grab bars are being presented as anti-bacterial. How effective are these anti-bacterial treatments? Do they provide a sustainable solution?

Anti-bacterial grab bar

Anti-bacterial coatings

Most coloured grab bars for people with reduced mobility are painted. Painting allows manufacturers to have one manufacturing process to offer a wide range of finishes.

There are anti-bacterial paints which kill bacteria. In this case, the active ingredient is on the surface, it is present on the surface. When the product gets scratched, the anti-bacterial qualities disappear. Where the grab bars are installed, the paint can be damaged and sometimes it will peel off, depending on the quality and the type of place - often humid. Over time niches can form where bacteria could adhere, increasing the risk of manual contamination (contamination by hand).

Some grab bars are coated with an anti-microbial adhesive film. Once breached, the user is in direct contact with the actual  finish of the grab bar. Very often it is painted steel with no anti-bacterial treatments.

NylonClean, proven efficiency

NylonClean, proven efficiency

DELABIE, expert in public and commercial places, has the watchword "Hygiene at every level"!

DELABIE's NylonClean grab bars  benefit from an anti-bacterial treatment. This protection against bacterial treatment and the appearance of mould, associated with regular cleaning, provides hygiene and optimal defence against contamination spread by hand.

The active ingredient is integrated into the material during the manufacturing process. Therefore, the antibacterial property will not degrade and cannot be removed over time by UV rays or even successive cleaning with chemical products.

NylonClean's anti-bacterial efficiency is long-lasting and is proven by an independent laboratory.

Particular attention has been paid to the design of the NylonClean grab bars to reduce the number of joins and seams.
This reduces the build-up of dirt, niches where bacteria can develop, and the appearance of a black line, especially on the straight sections which are extruded in one piece, and which have the most frequent contact with hands.

Which grab bar should you choose to achieve the highest level of hygiene?

DELABIE's NylonClean grab bars for people with reduced mobility are ideal for public and commercial places, and in particular healthcare facilities, retirement and care homes, and environments dedicated to immunocompromised patients who are more fragile and particularly prone to contagion.

Did you know?

Did you know?

The NylonClean anti-bacterial treatment is also incorporated in our Grand Comfort shower seats.