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Hygienic BIOSAFE outlet F22/100
Ref. 923022.50P

BIOSAFE free flow hygienic outlet F22/100 for basin taps/mixers.
No grid or partitions in contact with water.
Flow rate 5 lpm.
No water stagnation is possible in internal parts reducing bacterial development.
Made of Hostaform® reducing scale build-up.
Chrome-plated brass ring.
Supplied in packs of 50.
Can only be installed on a tap or mixer with an already limited flow rate in order to maintain a good flow without splashing.


  • Smooth surface reduces bacterial development

  • Suitable for all taps/mixers with limited flow rates


Technical features

Hygienic BIOSAFE outlet F22/100
Ref. 923022.50P

Connector F22/100
Flow rate 5 lpm
Finish Hostaform® - chrome-plated brass
Standards and certifications ACS PZH



Hygienic BIOSAFE outlet F22/100
Ref. 923022.50P

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