Washrooms, the new domain for well-being

June 2021


Feeling at ease in public washrooms: an idea which, until recently, was unheard of by the general public.

Too unhygienic, very public and, therefore, a long way from the notion of privacy often attributed to this space, public toilets have had a bad reputation for a long time. However, they have been associated with "amenities" and "comfort breaks" and were originally designed for convenience, providing a comfortable place for everyone. 

It is now time for this subject, which has remained in the shadows - and taboo, to be once again taken into account when designing public spaces (such as offices, shopping centres, airports and restaurants, etc.).

From privy to pristine facilities

From privy to pristine facilities

Clearly, the extension of our travel horizons and the evolution of consumption patterns has led to an increasingly itinerant lifestyle for a populace that was, at one time, completely immobile. 
With the increase in user numbers, and the blurring of the border between public and private life, public places must now consider the importance of well-being in their washrooms.

Long neglected, the trend towards design and comfort is now a key consideration and Public Buildings are paying closer attention to it.

Now users expect to feel "at home" everywhere.
It has become essential to reinvent the washroom experience in public buildings which are now, more than ever, a showcase for the whole building. 

Anticipating needs

Anticipating needs

This new reality has resulted in a move to more upmarket washroom facilities.
There is a strong demand for more innovative services that are better suited to receiving a demanding public, while offering the specific features required by public places

Nowadays public washroom users expect: cleanliness, aesthetic designs and comfort (temperature selection, non-touch, familiar and intuitive use).
The facility manager demands reliable, safe, and hygienic products, in addition to water and energy savings. The installer, for his part, looks for easy installation and reduced maintenance. It is a real challenge, therefore, to meet everyone's expectations.

Washroom expertise

Washroom expertise

Thanks to over 90-years experience of the market, DELABIE can cater for all these needs and user expectations, regardless of their age, culture, gender or degree of independence. 
The company has, therefore, made well-being a central element of its R&D design.

Aware of its pivotal role in ensuring hygiene, and its environmental responsibilities, DELABIE offers a wide range of products that feature intelligent and efficient technologies (particularly in terms of reducing water and energy consumption).

TEMPOMATIC 4 automatic urinal valve

Special attention is paid to eco-design and the use of recyclable materials.

For example, this washroom equipment meets the user's needs, as well as meeting the specific challenges of public spaces: the TEMPOMATIC 4 automatic urinal valve featuring non-touch operation and an automatic duty flush for the pipework, will ensure complete hygiene.  

DELABIE innovations

TEMPOMATIC DUAL CONTROL has an automatic direct flush system which prevents bacterial development in stagnant water by removing the cistern.
Designed to be installed in conjunction with a wall-hung WC pan, the flush volume adapts according to use and there is an automatic rinse when the user leaves.

TEMPOMIX 3 time flow shower mixer combines comfort, water saving and a waterproof recessed housing. The push-button is used to open/close the valve and adjust the temperature in a safe way, providing optimal showering comfort. 

Be-Line®grab bars and shower seats adapt to any user, ensuring everyone's comfort and safety. Non-stigmatising, they subscribe to the school of design for all, which is increasing sought after in public and commercial places.

DELABIE a signature brand

There are so many innovations in the portfolio that are designed to make using the products intuitive, comfortable and safe. DELABIE is a signature brand whose products are recognised in France and throughout the world for their remarkable design and flawless workmanship. 

BLACK BINOPTIC, a matte black tap which is able to withstand intensive use, provide up to 90% water savings, as well as providing total hygiene thanks to non-touch operation, is clear proof of this. 

Beauty and utility have never been so good together, appealing to both users and facility managers!